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Off-topic: Trump’s Wall, Ten Feet Taller


Trump’s Wall, goose-stepping hammers with Trump T’s, adapted from the theatrical fascist movement in Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” with quote “We will build a wall…we’re gonna build a wall, alright […] the wall just got ten feet taller.”

The “Trump’s Wall” Pink Floyd adaptation I did up back in December has gotten downloaded a bit, so I thought I’d update with a recent quote: “We will build a wall…we’re gonna build a wall, alright […] the wall just got ten feet taller.” Donald J. Trump (Drumpf), at his rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (I watched this video to make sure they were accurate). Previous, and a blank, here. As before, I consider these available for use with modification, but I have no copyright claim to the artwork I adapted. I’m hoping these are no longer relevant before long.

Off-topic: All in all, we’re just bricks in Trump’s wall


“Trump’s Wall” square

This was in my head enough that I had to at least do a rough draft of it. As part of working our way through some of Roger Ebert’s “Great Movies” list this year, we watched Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” a few months ago. Given Donald Trump’s public statements and his enthusiasm for walls, this symbol of the film’s fictional fascist movement and his “T” belong together. Please feel free to take this image for your own use anywhere you want, no credit necessary – at least, I waive any rights I would have to it. Gerald Scarfe came up with the “hammers” logo and may have drawn this specific source image himself. If you make up one yourself, I would enjoy seeing it. Maybe the entire hammer could be a T, maybe it could be gold-plated, etc. Here is one with a relevant quote on it, taken from the transcript of a Fox News interview on May 20, 2015:


“Trump’s Wall” flag with quote

and a flag-shaped blank:


“Trump’s Wall” flag