Quietly Rising

2016-01-28 18_35_48-Gamasutra_ Ramine Darabiha's Blog - The Quiet Rise of the Hobbyists

Screenshot of Ramine Darabiha’s blog on Gamasutra

Am I still doing it quietly if I’m blogging about it? 😀 Here’s a great quick read on Gamasutra about the increasing number of hobbyist projects in video games, etc.: “Quiet Rise of the Hobbyists,” by Ramine Darabiha. On a related note, check out this article on Vice by Joe Donnelly, “Experiencing ‘Deep’, the Virtual Reality Game That Relieves Anxiety Attacks.”

Tangentially related to my own wheelchair accessibility project, I came across this awesome Mr Mondialisation article regarding an adventurous-life-involving-a-wheelchair author. It’s in French, so if you need it, here’s a direct link for Google-ized English. Some time I’d love to get a sky car working in Ayuma Project 1….first I need to do an elevator!

As always, thank you for stopping by.


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